Request a Sample

If your local hydroponics shop doesn’t currently carry FOOP products, please let us know and we’ll send them a case of free samples and make sure that they hold one for you.

We are currently delivering samples to growers through retail hydroponic shops in the United States.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you let us know the name and address of the shop closest to you, we will ship them a case of samples.
  • We will put your name on one of the sample boxes.
  • At the same time we will send the shop a note explaining that we are sending a case of samples to distribute to you and any other customers and / or employees of their choice.
  • When the samples ship out to the shop, we’ll send you an email indicating they are in transit with a tracking number. When they arrive, you will receive another email indicating they have been delivered.
  • Please only enter the hydroponic shop address, as we cannot send samples to home addresses. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to and we will do everything we can to get a sample in your hands!

Please note that requests for samples will take 2 - 4 weeks to fulfill.

And thank you for your interest in FOOP!

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