FOOP Clone Gel

FOOP Clone Gel
FOOP Clone Gel
FOOP Clone Gel
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  • ACCELERATES ROOT GROWTH AND PLANT DEVELOPMENT – Two products in one: rooting gel + cloning solution. This powerful one-two punch delivers both rooting agents and baby plant food to ensure a quick, healthy start to a plant’s life
  • PREVENTS YELLOWING OUT – Immediately delivers organic plant food specifically tailored to baby plants to make sure clones don’t go hungry
  • MAKES CLONING SIMPLE – Simply moisten rooting cubes (or fill a cloner) with only water pH balanced to 6.0 and that’s it
  • CONTAINS ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – No synthetic growth hormones or other registered pesticides. Made from reclaimed fish poo (which contains beneficial microbes and cal/mag), aloe vera, willow water, mycorrhizal fungi, fish hydrolysate, kelp, silica, and peppermint oil.
  • WORKS GREAT IN ANY CLONING MEDIUM – Peat moss plugs, rockwool cubes, and cloners

FOOP Clone Gel is like having two products in one: it’s a rooting gel, but it also contains cloning/nutrient solution. Made from fish poo and more than a dozen other organic ingredients, FOOP Clone Gel is an all-natural rooting and propagation agent that dramatically accelerates root growth and plant development. FOOP Clone Gel works great with FOOP Mist to produce white, fuzzy, healthy roots quickly and avoid yellow discoloration and other stresses.

What it Does: FOOP Clone Gel grows bigger roots faster by immediately delivering baby plant food and a unique blend of three organic rooting agents (willow water, mycorrhizal fungi, and aloe vera). This powerful one-two punch gets roots in 5-7 days vs 10-14 in other leading rooting gels. All this helps your clones get off to a healthy, organic start and thrive with vigor for larger, better, stronger plants.

How to Use: Shake well prior to each use. Then, simply dip cuttings into FOOP Clone Gel and insert into rooting medium.  Adjust the pH of the water used to either moisten your plugs or fill your cloner to 6.0. Then, spray cuttings with FOOP Mist and place in humidity domes or a warm, humid environment.

4oz tub treats 300+ cuttings.

Important tips: Do not use in conjunction with any nutrient solution, or in any rooting media inoculated with nutrient solution such as “rapid rooters”. This may stunt plant growth. If you see “white fuzz” at the base of your plants, it is likely beneficial Trichoderma which is often confused with mold. If you see it, rest assured this is a sign of excellent cloning conditions and don’t panic. This product contains organic material that will naturally become less effective over time, so we recommend you use it within 90 days of purchase. To extend the product’s life, shake the tub periodically and before each use. Do not dip your cuttings directly into the tub, this will contaminate the gel and make it less effective. Instead, pour into a disposable cup and dip into that.

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